Advertising & Marketing Tech


“Digital marketing and advertising technologies enable data-driven customer journeys to delights existing and potential customers across digital touch points and help digital enterprises with improving customer experience and developing data-driven monetization opportunities.””

                                                                                                               — Ashish Patel

The way advertisers and content providers gather and build on customer insights is evolving. With the unbundling and re-bundling of traditional Pay TV and the proliferation of online content delivery channels, addressable advertising has become a focus everywhere. With Facebook, Google and now Amazon cornering the industry, companies will increasingly need to turn to or generate their own first party data to extract consumer insights and measure engagement levels. At the same time, brands need framework to balance customer privacy with intrusive personalized experiences.

Join us for the Advertising and Marketing Tech council to learn about the upcoming trends in the industry, learn about ways to harness your data for in-depth customer, content insights; and manage data privacy using innovative tools and solutions.


Council lead


Ashish Patel

Ashish is a seasoned leader focused on launching products in strategic and growth areas for large organizations. Ashish works on bridging the technology and service innovation gaps by actively engaging with the North American startup ecosystem to develop solution stacks for various divisions of Orange. In his previous role, Ashish led advertising technology partnership efforts for Orange Ad Market. In his current role as head of data driven marketing, Ashish is focused on delivering marketing analytics and customer insight solutions to Orange marketing teams.


Previous speakers


John Gee

Chief BD Officer,

Michael Wiley

MD Ventures, Publicis Groupe


Rajan Prajapat

Mobile Advertising Business Development, A9, Amazon

Speaking on
Amazon and state of mobile advertising



  • Machine learning

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Customer Data Platform

  • Graph databases


Sample use cases:

  • Understanding and predicting engagement, retention and churn

  • Measuring customer satisfaction using Ml/AI/NLP

  • Analyzing customer interests and content consumption


Team is currently working with:

  • Orange Content Divison

  • Follow Analytics partner

  • Orange Mobile Apps management platform