Connected Vehicles


The automobile hasn’t changed much in the past 100 years. It is still the same mechanical, standalone, human-driven, and privately owned asset. However, different technology and demographic trends are changing the automotive industry to create the new vehicle: Electric, Connected, Autonomous, and Shared. The Connected Car Council focuses on connectivity solutions to and from the car; different infotainment experiences in the car; big data and AI technologies implemented in the car; and new business models around cars and mobility.


Previous speakers


Jonathan Matus

CEO, ZenDrive


Jonathan Salomon

Senior Associate, Alliance Ventures


Andrew Byrnes

Investor, Comet Labs


Jeep Kline

Stealth Co.


Mark Plashton

Icebreaker Ventures


Sample use cases:

  • Connectivity everywhere

  • V2X

  • Accurate-GPS

  • Fleets cybersecurity