Content & Media

“Content & Media offers a large-scale test bed for curation algorithms, innovative interfaces, and user engagement models. Network effects enable players to turn compelling products into go-to platforms for users.”

                                                                                           — Guillaume Payan


Current developments in hardware, software, and platform technologies are enabling new forms of immersive, engaging content to emerge and thrive. From virtual and augmented reality to esports and niche OTT services, the Content & Media Council aims to monitor and understand the many ways that the creation, discovery, consumption, and monetization of content will be impacted. By doing so, the Council looks to take on the challenges that this next generation of content faces on the road to mass adoption.


Council leads


Guillaume Payan

As the lead for Orange Fab, Guillaume Payan oversees all activities relate to the identification, growth, and success of the Orange Fab program int he US. Guillaume is in charge of identifying investment and business opportunities in the media and entertainment spaces and manages Orange Silicon Valley's presence in Los Angeles. Guillaume holds a Master's degree in telecommunication engineering from National Institues of Applied Sciences in Lyon, France and a Master's in strategy and mangement of international businesses from ESSEC Business School in Paris, France.


Guillaume Courouge

Guillaume Courouge is an audiovisual systems engineer at Orange Silicon Valley with seventeen years of experience in testing and developing internet TV technologies and services. Guillaume is currently leading the design of next generation TV prototypes with a focus on personalization to improve the user experience across TV platforms.



  • Data compression
  • Video streaming
  • VR/AR/MR
  • Computer vision

Sample use cases

  • Mobile-first services
  • Content distribution platforms
  • Social VR
  • AR/VR advertising
  • Cloud gaming

Team is currently working with: