Human Resources


Most management decisions we make today are done by the seat of our pants. If these systems (A.I.) make us a little smarter we can possibly improve our operations tremendously.”

Josh Bersin, Founder of Bersin by Deloitte


Corporate executives consistently rank Human Resources as one of the most important operations in their business, yet it often does not receive the amount of capital investment required for break-through innovation. That is changing as both corporations and venture capital firms begin to realize the return on investment delivered by many new HR technologies. The HR Council is aiming to engage HR practitioners and technology leaders to collectively explore new HR best practices and solutions to address various HR challenges, including recruiting, engagement, training, skills management, and more.


Council lead


Wilson Lau

Wilson Lau, a Principal Software Architect, leads the Business Services Transformation formation within Orange Silicon Valley. The mission of his formation is to accelerate the pace of innovation for back office functions including HR, legal and financial reporting. He is also leading the HR Council within Orange Fab focusing on connecting corporations with HR Tech startups to explore innovation projects. Wilson has been with Orange Silicon Valley for 18 years.


2019 speakers

Jeff Higgins

Founder & CEO, Human Capital Management Institute

Ed Frauenheim

Senior Director of Content at Great Place to Work US


Stefan Groschupf

Founder & CEO, Automation Hero

Arik Akverdian


Omar Tawakol

Founder and CEO at Voicea


2019 agenda

2:00pm – 2:05pm: Introductions by Wilson Lau, Orange Silicon Valley

2:05pm – 2:45pm: ISO Human Capital Reporting Standard with Jeff Higgins, Human Capital Management Institute

2:45pm – 3:25pm: "Innovation By All" requires a high-trust culture of inclusion with Ed Frauenheim, Great Place to Work US

3:25pm – 4:00pm: Case Study: Recruiting through Game Based AI Assessment with Wilson Lau, Orange Silicon Valley

4:00pm – 4:15pm: Break

4:15pm – 5:15pm: Panel on How AI changes the way people work and promote their productivity with Stefan Groschupf, Automation Hero, Omar Tawakol, Voicea, and Arik Akverdian,

5:30pm – 6:15pm: Networking Reception at Orange Silicon Valley


Previous speakers & startups

Richard Rosenow

People Analytics at Facebook

Michael DeAngelo

Chief People Officer at Mozilla

Steven Forth

Co-Founder at TeamFit & Partner at Ibbaka

Ryan Zervakos

LinkedIn Learning Ambassador to Colleges and Universities



  • People Analytics

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer Vision

  • Natural Language Understanding

  • Chatbot

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Social Network Analysis

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Recommendation Engine

  • IoT


Sample use cases

  • Personality Assessment

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Engagement Analysis

  • Workforce Planning

  • Attrition analysis

  • Process Automation

  • Corporate Training

  • Career Development

  • Future of Work

  • Regulatory Compliance

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