Supply Chain & Logistics

“The viability of an organization’s global footprint is subject to the strength of their supply chain. Supply chain partners need to quickly digitize and leverage innovative technologies that improve collaboration throughout every node of the value chain.”

                                                                                                       — Justin Young

Supply chain and logistics is undergoing a digital rebirth. Globalization, E-commerce and changing consumer expectations are forcing organizations to automate, optimize and improve visibility throughout their supply chain. Now more than ever, business entities collectively need to collaborate and coordinate seamlessly to make these complex operations run efficiently. We seek to evaluate and incubate emerging technologies that have the potential to transform commerce and trade. The Logistics Council will explore technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, machine learning, drones, and robotics to understand how they can be used to optimize the exchange of information among different supply chain, logistics and last-mile delivery entities.


Council lead


Justin Young

Justin co-leads the Supply Chain and Logistics innovation council to help Orange and its partners leverage new technologies within the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Justin was previously with global logistics provider C.H. Robinson and has experience within the Agriculture, Logistics and Consumer Packaging sectors managing supply chains of varying complexities.

Justin holds a BS from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Agribusiness & Supply Chain Management.


Previous speakers & startups

Santosh Sankar

Managing Director, Dynamo VC

Speaking on
Supply Chain Investments

Douglas Coughran

CEO, Foxtrot Systems

Speaking on
Machine Learning


Joel Beal

Co Founder Alloy.AI



  • IoT

  • Digital supply chains & control towers

  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning

  • AR/VR

  • Robotics & drones

  • Last-mile logistics

  • Warehouse & fulfillment technologies

  • Blockchain

  • API

  • Shared economy ("Uberization") applications


Use cases

  • Cold chain technology within last-mile applications

  • Warehouse fulfillment for Omni-channel supply chains

  • Proof of provenance

  • Digitalized freight documentation

  • Supply chain visibility through IoT

  • Predictive supply chain planning

  • Data interchange