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“The media perpetuates this myth that retail is dying, but the reality is more nuanced. Retail revenue is growing and evolving based on a shift in consumer behavior.”

                                                                                                                — David Martin

Retail isn’t shrinking; it’s changing. Consumers are in the driver's seat and buy products where and whenever they choose. Digital now influences more than half of all sales. Physical retail must delight customers with high quality products, superior value for money, time savings, and more variety. Hard-earned loyalty can be achieved by knowing your customer and delivering personalization based on previous purchases and a 360-degree view that leverages third-party data. New retail is data driven, agile, and customer centric.


Council leads


David Martin

David is a Principal at Orange Silicon Valley and heads up retail with a focus on consumer behavior. David likes to say he is a product guy with a business hat and customer's perspective. He loves figuring out what makes customers tick, has more than a decade in product and marketing roles at Gazillion, Corel, and InterVideo, and built some of the first "touch to share" consumer mobile apps with NFC. He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and a BA in Asian Studies form Colgate University.


Subash Mandanapu

Subash Mandanapu co-leads the Fintech formation that helps Orange and its partners to provide early access to opportunities in the innovation ecosytem. Previously, Subash worked at Ericsson, Symbian, and Telephia in various technology leadership roles. Subash holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in computer science from the University of Madras. He is cerified product management proffestional, holds several patents in mobile applications and services.


Previous speakers


Taylor Stewart

Head of BD, Comet Labs

Adam Marchick   Co-founder & CEO, Alpine.AI (acquired by Headspace)

Adam Marchick

Co-founder & CEO, Alpine.AI (acquired by Headspace)


Paul McDonald

CEO, Bodega


Steve Gu

CEO, Aifi



  • Experience-driven retail

  • Personalization

  • Conversational commerce

  • Voice


Sample use cases

  • Experience-driven retail

  • Mobile commerce

  • Omnichannel shopping


Team is currently working with

  • Orange Flagship Retail stores

  • Orange Fiber Promotions team

  • A marjor CPG firm