Smart Cities


“Smart cities are locally defined with common features including resident-centric services, a focus on problems based on community needs and priorities, data-driven processes, and sensors and connectivity.”

                                                                                   — Ed Lee, San Francisco Mayor

The theme of this Corporate Council on Smart Cities is a deep dive on the idea of scale: what is the appropriate scale for "smart"? Our two keynotes will present the grand vision and technical underpinnings of "EcoBlock", a $10M project in a low-income area of Oakland that looks to re-make the suburban block in a holistic, sustainable way. It is a partnership between the UC Berkeley, Stanford, NASA, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and the City of Oakland. A number of startups will present their products and if/how their vision fits with different scales of action.


Council lead


Will Barkis

Will Barkis, PhD, runs the Smart Cities portfolio at Orange Silicon Valley and serves as Volunteer Technology Advisor to the San Francisco Mayors' Office of Civic Innovation where he is leading the creation of a Strategic Plan for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things for the city. Formerly, he directed two innovation programs at Mozilla and worked at the National Science Foundation, where he collaborated with the White House to launch the U.S. Ignite next-generation apps initiative.


Previous speakers & startups


Karan Jhavar

Global Developer Lead, Nvidia


Marquis Cabrera

Global Leader of Digital Government Transformation, IBM


Shawn Guan

CEO, Umbo. CV


Nalin Balan

Director of BD, Reality AI


Paul Walborksy

COO, AI.Reverie


Ray Sikka

CEO, Sensitel



  • Ubiquitous sensors

  • Connected devices

  • Artificial intelligence

  • IoT


Sample use cases

  • Street lighting

  • enhanced connectivity

  • Air monitoring

  • Asset mangement

  • Parking & traffic control

  • Advertising monitoring

  • Energy systems

  • Predictive maintenance